Song in the Resident Evil: Afterlife trailer

My friend Adam told me to check out the new Resident Evil: Afterlife trailer, as he was pretty sure it was Tool playing in the background. He was close. Oh so close. The song is actually a remix of an A Perfect Circle song "The Outsider" by Danny Lohner.

The track definitely sounds like the aesthetic of Tool or even NIN, and it's off of aMotion, a DVD/CD combo where the CD has a bunch of cool remixes.

It's interesting to me that there's something about the music of bands that cut their teeth in the hard rock scene of the 90s that works so well with testosterone driven cinema. It could be that the kids (like myself) that grew up listening to that music are now creating/consuming these films. Ahh, the circle of life.

Here's the video game movie trailer:

Also of note is that APC and Tool will *hopefully* be coming out with new material soon. Both bands usually take their time in crafting releases, so I say: take your time boys. It's always worth it.

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