Star Trek stabilized mashup

I don't think I will ever not watch any sort of Star Trek mashup video.

Also check out this subreddit.

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Saint Pepsi - Fiona Coyne

Adam recommended this one to me just last week. Great tune. This one is more Chillwave than Vaporwave. Neither of those are real genres though right?


2014 Polaris Short List announced

List here.

I see a list like this and I think - how could it be anything but Arcade Fire? Then they go and pick something else entirely. I dunno. It's one of the best records of the past few years. I'll have to listen to the bunch of them again or for the first time and compare, but it's a tall order.


Weird Al's eight days of videos

Sort of like Hanukkah for Comedy! This is going to be great. His last album for his major label contract, which I think I read somewhere. I wonder if this will make it tougher for him to secure the rights for parodies. Or will it be easier since he can now live off the brand he's built up and he will be freed from some of the major label politics.

Being lazy & busy & lazy

Well, not actually being lazy.

Just busy, very busy.

That and also this: a couple months ago I added some extra security to my Google account. Surprisingly this has made me lazier in cases of dashing off quick posts about videos etc. at work.

Also this: I love NewsBlur. It's a great replacement for Google Reader, I've become quite attached to it. But it's a bit tougher to share links from there, as it requires an extra step. See the pattern here?

Is the Blogger format out of date? I keep thinking maybe I should switch platforms, but that strikes me as a lot of work. More laziness.

What I miss about frequently posting is getting thoughts on music down in some form. I've broadened the subject matter on the blog over the years - over seven years! - to give myself an opportunity to write about other stuff… but then again… laziness.

Get this though: I'm still listening to as much music as I ever have, but I'm just not bothering to post and share all this killer stuff. Lazy. Not necessarily new music, because I can feel myself reaching this "I likes what I likes" stage, which I'm enjoying more than I thought I ever would.

So I'm going to get back into more posting - I have a back log of ideas and great stuff you gotta hear.


Marlins Will Soar

It's practically an SNL skit... This one still makes me laugh. Scott Stapp doing a song for the MLB team the Marlins... I just... yeah.


Cut Copy - Free Your Mind

Finally got around to listening to the newest Cut Copy album... I guess I really have been busy if I haven't had time to catch the latest from one of my fav bands.

First few listens, it's not immediately blowing me away like previous efforts. Definitely feels like a grower. I love the Madchester throwback sound though.


St. Vincent - Digital Witness

Really liking this album. Been too busy to keep up with a lot of new music, so I've mostly been keeping up with artists I already know and love.

Feeling a lot of David Byrne on this album but I might be reading in to that too much, what with their recent collaboration.


Some reading material on Pono

Some reading material on Pono

Lots of interesting articles linked-to in this post, including some of the usual insane audiophile stuff.