Some reading material on Pono

Some reading material on Pono

Lots of interesting articles linked-to in this post, including some of the usual insane audiophile stuff.


Drake ~ Hold On, We're Going Home feat. Majid Jordan

The rest of his album is pretty much unlistenable, but this track is a career maker, so sick:

Tight, solid drum sound, crazy good hook, and the best thing: Drake largely checks his ego at the door. Great song.


Autre Ne Veut - Play by Play

Been playing this a lot:

Jay-Z - Holy Grail

What a piece of garbage:

Indie 88

Toronto's new "indie" radio station bills itself as '32 Flavours of Not Vanilla', then lists a pretty vanilla bunch of artists. I can't find a pic online but you can see it in plenty of bus shelters around the city.

The fact that "indie" as a genre has reached a level commercial viability negates the core idea upon which the station markets itself. Indie has evolved from its origins as an anti-mainstream term into a vague genre into a mainstream radio format.

Apparently the station is eating the other so-called alternative station's lunch (CFNY/The Edge). I suppose if this continues then CFNY will have to dump their brand in a box and go with something else.

Here's a classic CFNY fan page, doesn't look like it's been updated in some time.


Northern Army Preservation Society of Canada

Vintage and current Canadian logos, cool stuff. Plenty of nostalgia.

The 2011 Jays logo is wrong though, unless they're counting the November release. They didn't use it until the 2012 season.

Bell is a weird choice, I would have thought a classic logo would have been the go-to.