Gaming's Best Ambient Tracks

Or rather, "the author's favorite ambient gaming tracks".

Still, a neat list. Always fun to listen to this stuff.

Gaming's Best Ambient Tracks


Courtney Barnett - "Pedestrian at Best"

Great song, so-so video. Reminds me of something the Smashing Pumpkins might do.


Neil Young's PonoPlayer: The Emperor Has No Clothes

Sounds about right.

It's a great idea and I'm all for lossless audio files, but there's nothing that Pono can do that the devices that everyone already has in their pockets already. And the high res audio thing… I think I linked to this one before.



CraveTV Guiness World Record Attempt

Hey, check out this short doc that I may have mixed:

Also, check out that view count! WOW!


Final episode of Serial

Can't wait!

Tried to embed the video here but it was too wide for the column.