The Ideology of Future World, Part 1

I'm a huge Disney Parks fan and this blog kills it every time -

The Ideology of Future World, Part 1

Going there when I was three years old has still stuck with me. Something about Future World made a big impression on my young brain.


Evil Empire turns 20

One of the most important albums of my formative years turns twenty. Great retrospective piece.

Rage Against the Machine’s Evil Empire Turns 20



Cracked Actor: A Film About David Bowie

More Bowie: Check out this 1974 doc which inspired the director of The Man Who Fell to Earth to cast him as the main character. Bowie dove head first into the character and practically lived the role - the role which was partly inspired by him - which led to his so called Berlin period. It all starts here:

David Bowie Star Special

My friend Matt passes along this Bowie DJ set from 1979:


RIP Coke Machine Glow

Just cleaning out some links on the sidebar... reminded that Coke Machine Glow will no longer be publishing. Too bad! I'll miss that site.

Bowie interview on AMI

Following Bowie's passing, AMI-audio rebroadcast an interview I did with Marc Spitz back in 2010. The topic was his book, simply titled Bowie.

Check out the link here, and scroll down. Unfortunately I can't embed the content...

I'm also the opening announcer for the show, plenty of award winning programs to enjoy.


Gaming's Best Ambient Tracks

Or rather, "the author's favorite ambient gaming tracks".

Still, a neat list. Always fun to listen to this stuff.

Gaming's Best Ambient Tracks